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The Juridical Nature of User Damages for Wrongful Detention of Property: Aces System Development Pte Ltd v Yenty Lily

India’s Sweeping Regulatory and Policy Changes: Heralding a New Era in Investor Protection in M&A Transactions?

The Transplantation of the European Principle of ‘State Liability’ in Caribbean Community (Caricom) Law: A Normative Assessment

Habeas Corpus Under the New Criminal Procedure Code of Cameroon: Progress or Status Quo?

Spill-Over Reputation in Passing Off Actions: Indian and English Law Compared

Statutes, Intentions and the Legislature: A Reply to Justice Hayne

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Delta Pekarny v Czech Republic: European Court of Human Rights on Dawn Raids and Prior Judicial National Authorization

Prior judicial authorisation of a dawn raid by a national competition authority is not necessary; however, the absence of an inspection warrant must be offset by an effective judicial review carried out ex post facto.